Automating Billing through Mergebacks

Billing suppliers is managed through Softvoyage, and in order to facilitate billing by the travel agency directly to their customers, a duplicate PNR is optional and made available by Softvoyage.  Using this, the travel agency can use a mergeback and easily create the invoice for its customer.


Softvoyage has been careful and provides these mergebacks with compatibility to most accounting software found in travel agencies.  The following systems have been integrated for direct mergebacks:


  • Global Matrix
  • GBO (TravCom)
  • TRAMS (Back Office)
  • PC Voyage (Travel Works)


– Additional set-up costs may be incurred from these suppliers

– Fixed format, just 1 per supplier

– Fixed cost option.


Indirect mergebacks are also available for the GDS :


  • Galileo (passive PNR)
  • Sabre (ghost PNR)
  • Amadeus (passive PNR)


Travel agencies all have their particularities.  It is therefore important to confirm a precise specification for each client by identifying a base plus additional specific requirements.


To obtain a quote, specifications are absolutely required.  Upon request, a technical document is available for more information on specifications.