Tours Inventory Management

Coach tours are becoming more and more popular.  Baby-boomers for one, and even younger people, are discovering that organized tours are a great way to travel.  Guided coach tours are effective, efficient and truly enjoyable.  The time away on these trips is totally focused on what travelers are supposed to be seeing – without the stress and worry!


Consequently, Softvoyage has focused efforts on developing the right tools for suppliers and agents to enable them to efficiently offer, shop and book coach tours.


And the key is here: TIM is the back-office system for smaller suppliers who have limited IT system needs and equipment.  By acquiring TIM, they are able to upload their tours to the main Softvoyage system thus giving them exposure to thousands of agencies across the country.  Overall, this brings tremendous exposure for distribution!


This also translates to a great opportunity for coach tour suppliers. Up until now, visibility and distribution for coach tours was very limited.  Tour suppliers built offerings and diffused them to travel agencies and placed adverts.  On the Internet, searching for such tours is still difficult, and it’s a toss-up on who to trust.


Now, with TIM, it’s a totally new ball-game.  The power of distribution is nothing short than amazing, and accessible through one system, powered by Softvoyage.



  • Specialized coach tours are hard to find unless you know the agencies and tour operators that carry them.
  • Searching and shopping for tours on the Internet is difficult and results are not necessarily accurate.
  • TIM is the link to Canada’s most important dynamic shopping database.



  • Agencies and tour operators with TIM can upload and manage their own custom tours – WOW!
  • Readily available on the Softvoyage network to thousands of agencies and other tour operators for shopping and booking.
  • The most powerful shopping tool in Canada for guided coach tours
  • Search engine is very precise allowing to search by specific city, duration, itinerary, date, etc.
  • Smaller tour operators now have exactly the same exposure as other major tour operators
  • POWER OF DISTRIBUTION; connection to all main agencies and systems used for travel booking
  • Simple, fast and ultra reliable